Monday, June 29, 2009

Stonyfield Farms Lowfat Plain Yogurt

Creamy, smooth and delicious! I know what you're thinking. It's plain. You can jazz it up with berries, a VERY ripe banana for extra NATURAL sweetness, maybe a teaspoon of honey, crunch in your favorite cereal.... there are many options!

I eat this yogurt practically every day, either for breakfast or a snack. Currently a pregnant dietitian, I know the importance of getting in calcium. Sure, I take prenatal vitamins, but the best source is from calcium-rich foods: low fat milk, yogurt, cheese. I have a double-calcium-whammy in the morning. I mix up strawberries, half of a banana, ~1 cup high fiber cereal (sometimes a mixture of two), 1/2 cup of the yogurt (calcium), AND some organic non-fat milk (calcium). Yes, it's a huge bowl of breakfast, but: 1) I'm pregnant; 2) I'm still very active through my pregnancy; and 3) I'm HUNGRY in the morning and love breakfast.

So try it out! Six ounces of the low fat plain yogurt is only 90 calories and 1.5 grams fat. NOTE: there is 1 g of saturated fat per serving. All diets have room for a dash of saturated fat. Think of what you're eating in a day. If there are a lot of other saturated fat foods like fried foods, fatty meats, regular cheese, whole milk, desserts ... it's time to re-vamp your diet. Before you buy the fat free yogurt and continue to eat nutrition-less fried foods, first eliminate the lard-laiden foods such as french fries and greasy burgers! You're better off having a bit of saturated fat from a low fat yogurt because of all the other healthy goodness the yogurt offers: calcium, protein, and vitamin D.

Also, this yogurt only has 11g of sugar per 6 oz. serving, derived naturally from milk, not added in like we find in other flavored yogurts. To compare, the Stonyfield low fat vanilla yogurt has 21 g of sugar per serving. Why? Because some of it is natural, and the rest is added table sugar to make the vanilla yogurt taste sweet. There's nothing wrong with eating the vanilla, but again, take inventory of all the other sugary foods you're eating in your diet.

Happy eating!

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Alison - I love your blog. We put 1 teaspoon or so of flax in our yogurt. I see you like stonyfield farm. I found the flavored ones to sweet. I'll try the plain one. Thanks for the suggestion - Lily