Monday, July 27, 2009

Alison the New Long Island Diet & Fitness Examiner

I am excited to announce that I will be writing for a website called Specifically, I am the Long Island Diet and Exercise Examiner. I plan to cover healthy eating and exercise topics with a local Long Island, NY angle. Other topics will mirror general food and nutrition news as covered here on Food Chat.

You can check out my page by clicking this link:
Long Island Diet and Exercise Examiner

Take a look at my FIRST Examiner article: Healthy dinner hot spot in Garden City: Ro Tico Rotisserie Cafe.

This is a review of a healthy dining hot spot, somewhat new to the Seventh Avenue strip in Garden City. Rotisserie chickens are a great way to get a healthy dinner ready for the entire family in a pinch. A much better choice than calling your local pizzeria. Read all about Ro Tico and be sure to look out for future articles on Examiner.

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