Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome bread alert

By Alison

I love bread. Who doesn’t? That glorious basket of warm, baked bread as a prelude to your dining out experience. An awesome multigrain, nutty bread with ham and Brie cheese. Or what about hot, crusty pizza dough? New York city bagels, fresh out of the oven?

Matthews bread Back to reality. I am a dietitian so I suppose it is my duty to tell you about a great tasting bread that is healthy for you too (boo). The brand is Matthew’s All Natural Bread, and the taste is the next best thing to some of those heavier breads I just mentioned. Matthew’s has different varieties including whole wheat, 9 grain and nut, oat bran, and a cinnamon raisin bread. While I haven’t tried them all, oat bran is certainly one my favorites.

Their logo says “a connoisseur’s delight in every bite”. I agree! The texture is soft and chewy, similar to what we love in good old white bread. It is not as gritty, bland or rough-tasting as other good-for-you breads.

The first ingredient is water, and the second is whole wheat flour. Remember, you are not getting a true whole grain bread if the word whole is not in the ingredients. Many wheat or multigrain breads have enriched wheat flour. This is not a whole grain; therefore you are not getting the valuable dietary fiber and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.

Matthew’s All Natural Bread Nutrition Breakdown

Using the oat bran bread as an example, one slice has:

  • 70 calories
  • 1 g fat (0g saturated fat)
  • 13 g carbohydrates (1 g sugar, 2 g dietary fiber)
  • 3 g protein

The only downside to this bread is the slices are a bit on the small side. Sometimes my veggie stuffed sandwiches fall out the sides. But if the bread were bigger, it would go into 100-calorie per slice territory. So the advantage to a smaller slice is to put less on the bread, thus eating less calories!

Or, you can be like me, over stuff it and make a mess. Who’s watching any way? Enjoy!

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